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We'll take care of your kids!

We believe that when our kids are happy we are happier. One way to keep kids happy is to keep them entertained. Today kids love playing with electronics so we have brought some of our childhood pastimes like coloring books, paper doll dress up, dots, and more to the iPad and iPhone to keep our kids entertained.

Our Philosophy

Happy kids make happy parents. Technology, mainly iPads with kids games helps our sanity!

Our Coloring Books

Not only do we offer free coloring book apps we also offer free coloring book pages that you and your kids can download from our site and take with you to color. Our development team is currently working our online coloring books so that you can enjoy the fun whether its on a smartphone, your computer, or some good old fashioned crayons and paper.

Our Free iPad kid games

To see a full list of our free apps for kids, please visit our parent site http://www.peepsoftware.com